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Are you in compliance with worksite Labor Law Posters?

Posted by on 10/27/2017
Are you in compliance with worksite Labor Law Posters?
When you have lots of employees working on multiple construction sites, it's difficult to know if each location is running in compliance with labor regulations. If you're found to be non-compliant by inspectors, a simple oversight could cost your company thousands of dollars in fines and create unnecessary work delays. Not to mention it would open your company up to possible litigation. So, if you have workers who are participating in the demolition and construction of buildings, housing, or even large scale renovations, you need to be sure that every employee is reporting to a place where the labor law posters are openly displayed.

This could mean requiring all employees to report to a central office location at least once per day; or it may mean posting the labor law posters at every job site. How you run your operations will determine what steps are needed to remain in compliance.

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Required Federal Construction Site Posters*

The following posters are typically required by the federal government to be displayed a job site where employees report for work:

• Job Safety and Health Protection
• Equal Employment Opportunity poster
• Notice to Workers with Disabilities Paid at Special Minimum Wages
• Family and Medical Leave Act Poster
• Federal Minimum Wage
• Employee Polygraph Protection Act

If you're a federally contracted construction company, you will also be required to display the Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act poster.

Visit the federal Department of Labor's website for the most current requirements and information.

Required State Construction Site Posters*

Each state has it's own set of required posters. The labor law posters that you must display include the Occupational and Safety Health Act poster — specific to your state if you have an OSHA-approved State Plan, or may be a general OSHA poster if you do not. Most states also require notices regarding the Child Labor Laws, the Unemployment Insurance Policies, and any specific wage and discrimination labor laws which are unique to your state.

Visit your state’s Department of Labor website for the most current requirements and information.

If your construction site is manned by Spanish-speaking employees, you are responsible for ensuring that everyone understands the required labor law posters. This may mean posting in both Spanish and English. Some states require that you post Spanish posters regardless of your worksite employee language preference. Be sure to check your state’s Department of Labor website for current information.

*The information provided in this article is to be used as a guideline only. Please visit government websites for the latest information and requirements.

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